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Visualising your work spaces and trying to find, plan and relocate staff can be a difficult journey.

Whether your business is located under the one roof or across several buildings is here to help workplace managers with their portfolio

Property is usually the 2nd highest cost of business, so understanding your space and optimizing can produce
huge bottom line savings, let us help you get there!

Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics that directly affect your bottom line by linking strengths and weaknesses within floor space and work culture.
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Gather and consolidate key data about your business. Building access, calendar items, staff details are all imported easily for a variety of uses
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'sensors' help determine if there is movement in a space (like meeting rooms) helping us produce even better analytics and make better decisions
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Create plans to move or relocate offices, teams and spaces and share with key stakeholders
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Gather your data, store it and analyse it faster to reach a better understanding of your office space utilization
Read more helped us visually map our extensive property portfolio. Automating an otherwise manual process, this saved our office countless hours in finding the right resources, responding to emails and providing users access to property data.

Kornel Koffsovitz – Associate Director-Legal, Regulatory and Secretariat features

visual management tool

no more spreadsheets


share information and increase visibility about your space

save money

know more about your space to identify where improvements can be made

quick setup

quick to set up in-house with no additional fees!

simple data

input your data and start making sense of things with many visual aids.

extremely flexible

always available and ready for you to access, stored in a secure cloud solution.

free updates

many great features are yet to come so be the first to know about them!

unique design

modern, simple and clean design benefits

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