university spaces

property data is often limited to complex facility management
solutions with restricted access

That’s why we’ve come up with data visualisation solutions that
help departments work without the complexities

and visually manage relevant property data

facilities teams

allow end users to enter data
in a user friendly system

data gathering is key to facility and infrastructures services.

legal teams

mapping where titles are located and attaching land title files

categorizing and searching for property data
making audits easier

events space management

informal event spaces are mapped into portfolios
granting student / staff easy access
and collaboration for club and union events

managers and strategists

data gathering and future planning

find hot spots, space utilization
and collaborate on space planning

Mac Laptop and Desktop helped us visually map our extensive property portfolio.

Automating an otherwise manual process has saved our office countless hours in finding the right resources, responding to emails and providing users access to property data.

Kornel KoffsovitzAssociate Director-Legal, Regulatory and SecretariatSwinburne University benefits

Lightbulb jigsaw puzzle black background features

visual management tool

no more spreadsheets


share information and increase visibility about your space

save money

know more about your space to identify where improvements can be made

quick setup

quick to set up in-house with no additional fees!

simple data

input your data and start making sense of things with many visual aids.

extremely flexible

always available and ready for you to access, stored in a secure cloud solution.

free updates

many great features are yet to come so be the first to know about them!

unique design

modern, simple and clean design


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